10 Things you have to avoid to successfully change to a plant-based lifestyle.

A topic close to my heart so I’m really looking forward to talking more on this subject in my blog, stay tuned.

The transition to becoming a Vegan can feel challenging at first and we often feel very restricted when we stop consuming animal products. Growing up in a family where meat is part of most meals 7 days a week would make it even harder. You will find after a few short weeks of experimenting with new foods and recipes new habits form and it becomes effortless and part of the norm.

So, if you are playing with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, vegan or even just cutting down a bit on meat consumption, download my new ebook 10 Things you have to avoid to successfully change to a plant based lifestyle. If you are interested in delving into the plant based world, looking to dip your toe or you want to jump head first, then the 10 few simple things will help you understand what to avoid.

In the ebook I will  also shatter the 10 The Myths To Plant-Based Living AND you will also get three easy vegan recipes —> Mexican Bean Chili, Walnut and Quinoa meatless Balls and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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My name is Juanita Griffin I’m an aussie mum of 3 living in Ireland for the past 18 years ( because my Irish hubby’s a mammies boy…lol ) I’m currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapist with the Institute of Health and Sciences.

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